Dan S (Colon Hydrotherapy)         

  In January 2006 I decided to begin a series of colon hydrotherapy treatments at Essential Body Therapies. My hope was to have a clean/or cleaner colon in '06. To this end I set my first appointment up in the first week in January. I consider myself in pretty good shape. I workout at least 5 days a week at a gym. I am also an aerobics instructor at a couple of the gyms here in Lincoln. I teach kickboxing and a sports conditioning class. I get 3-4 good bowel movements a day. I try to eat as healthy as possible with the emphasis on fruits and vegetables. I drink 4-6 liters of water a day. No matter what kind of health I might think I am in I realize that should never stop a person from taking preventative measures and what better preventative measure than to get the colon cleaned out. Linda did suggest I get started on a cleansing regime that included the Renew Life brand and she tuned me onto castor oil packs. These were both first rate tools that benefited my cleansing process. My first session was good. Nothing too dramatic but still there was waste being eliminated and to me that was what I wanted. That continued thru to the 5th session some releases greater to some extent than the previous. After the 5th session Linda pointed out to me that most people take the 6 sessions and stop but that was totally up to me. I decided that I would like to continue with the sessions until my releases indicated that there was nothing more, and I sure am glad that I did. I took one session a week.   The 6th and 7th sessions had initial releases and then the water ran clear with indications of large scale mucus. The 8th session was very dramatic for me. There was an old pocket of dark dehydrated fecal material that broke loose. Once that occurred there was this feeling of a large chasm that allowed my colon to fill for 20-30 minutes at a time. The 9th session I witnessed a vast amount of mucous being released. I continued to have the long fill times. The 10th session I experienced another vast amount of mucous being released and I reported to Linda a feeling of nausea on the toilet. She informed me that was a signal that the liver was dumping toxins. By the 12th session I experienced a large release of Candida and have been witnessing that ever since. I have also noticed what appear to be heavy metals being released. I understand that this might be attributed to the metal fillings that have been used for my cavities throughout the years. I am so thankful to Linda for her skill and great care throughout these sessions for she has been a tremendous therapist and counselor. I do not consider myself finished by any means (I have had 15 sessions to date) but I have experienced some remarkable benefits. First and foremost my sinuses have been clear and open during a very high pollen count season (I previously suffered from seasonal allergies). I have been able to sleep sound throughout the nights. I realized this state between my 7-10th sessions and have been experiencing it ever since. I used to experience false hunger cravings that would make me want to eat the refrigerator and everything in it. Those have disappeared to the point that I eat when I am hungry now and stop when I feel full.

  Thank you Linda once again for all you have done to help me with my quest for improved health and well being.

Dan S.
Lincoln, NE
Mary Jean R. (Colon Hydrotherapy)         

 This is a summary of why I became one of your regular colonic clients. I am a 65-year-old woman in fairly good health. However, for most of my life I've had to deal with a condition that I now know is candidiasis. It has manifested itself over the years primarily as skin eruptions of occasionally severe ecxema on my face, hands and arms, a problem which was usually addressed medically with cortizone treatments, both topically and orally. I also have food allergies, and chronis sinus problems with all its attendant discomforts--headaches, post nasal drip and chronic cough. The skin problems became serious a year ago with a large breakout on my right arm. I started homeopathic therapy for the condition and went on a very strict diet in an effort to control the rash. The homeopathic therapy along with the strict diet led to a condition known as "die-off" which caused both of my arms from the wrist to the elbow to become covered with a red, swollen scaly rash, and a similar rash surrounded my neck and ankles. The itching, burning and "hot pricklies" were making my life miserable. I consulted a physician thinking he would prescribe steroids to somewhat bring the rash under control, but he refused he didn't think the therapy would work. He sent me home with some topical medication that was designed to help with the discomfort. To try to control the discomfort I was taking 800 mg. of Ibuprofen a day, and sometimes even more. A relative a few years ago went through a similar experience. She also tried various therapies, and after consulting a Naturopathic practician, she began therapies he prescribed, which included homeopathic meds and weekly colonics. She feels the colonics were central to her return to health and urged me to try them. I began seeing Linda late last spring, and after three colonics over a three week period the rash began to subside. Within a month the rash around the ankles and the neck had totally disappeared. After two months (eight colonics) the rash on my arms has all but disappeared, with a "silver-dollar" sized spot on my left wrist remaining. The sinus symptoms have also improved remarkably. I sincerely believe that the colonics have played a major role in my recovery, and I am convinced that colon cleansing, along with a good diet, should be a regular part of my personal regiman for health maintenance.

Mary Jean R.,
Lincoln, NE
Sharon O. (Colon Hydrotherapy)         

   I want to express my sincere appreciation to you for having introduced me to a whole new level of health and wellness. After completing (6) colonic sessions with you, I have never felt better. I am confident I have more energy and my body is functioning better than it has in 10 years. I would also like to thank you for introducing me to the Mannatech products. Specifically, the Manna-C (for nasal allergies), has changed my daughters life. She has suffered chronic sinusitis for the past 3 years. After one month on the products, she no longer suffers chronic and constant mucus build up in her nasal passages. If for no other reason that we became acquainted, it was certainly worth it to see my daughter happier and healthier than she has been in a long time. I wish you the very best in your efforts to educate the public about colon health and the benefits of Mannatech products.

Sharon O.,
Ralston, NE
Susan F. (Colon Hydrotherapy & Endermatherapie)         


   I wanted to thank you for such a powerful experience. I feel so good after completing a series of both Endermatherapy and Colonics. I feel like I have a new glow because my body is working the way it should now.

   Thank you so much!!!

Susan F.,
Omaha, NE
Judy M. (Colon Hydrotherapy and Glyconutrients)         

In April 2005, after a series of medical exams, and a diagnosis of gluten intoleran, I sought the help of Colon Hydrotherapist Linda Secora of Essential Body Therapies. I had always been plagued with intestinal problems since I was young, and due to various medications I was taking for other health issues, they only worsened. Linda suggested a series of colon hydrotherapy treatments, and a regimen of digestive enzymes, probiotics, colon cleansing herbs, and glyconutrient supplements. I began to improve fairly quickly. I also added a combination of vegetable juices and goat yogurt to my diet, and abdominal applications of hot castor oil packs at Linda's suggestion.


Judy M.
Omaha, NE
Allen S. (Colon Hydrotherapy)         

   I was apprehensive when my wife suggested colon hydrotherapy as part of my program for overall health improvement. However, I was intrigued by the process. As an engineer, I likened it to the backflushing that is used to remove corrosion and improve heat transfer in engine cooling systems. It seemed reasonable that colon cleansing would remove accumulated fecal material and increase the assimilation of nutrients. I agreed to six seesions with Linda. She explained each step of the process in advance, and she performed everything in a friendly but professional manner. I was never embarassed, and I felt very little discomfort. I feel better after having had the treatments, and my bowel movements have improved. I would recommend Linda's treatments to anyone seeking a healthier more active life.

Allen S.
Gretna, NE
Brian K. (Colon Hydrotherapy)         

   I was miserable after my last annual meeting. I felt stuffed after hardly eating anything throughout the week long meeting. If I ate, I had heartburn and if I did not, I had the same result. I did not know what to do. On the final night of the meeting, instead of being at an awards dinner, I spent the night walking and running outside. During that walk, I decided that I had to do something. I have been on prilosec for the past ten years and never felt very good about what it was doing to my body. My wife had done some research about colon cleansing on the internet and found Essential Body Therapies. I was very nervous but Linda calmed me down and told me about alternative digestive supplements that to me made a lot more sense. She suggested I take Digestive Enzymes, Fish Oils, and a Probiotic as well as a colon hydrotherapy session. Before the treatment, I began noticing a difference. My digestion was getting better and I had more energy. When the date of the treatment came, I was leery, but Linda made me feel right at home. She was very open about the treatment and I was surprised at how well it went. I followed up with three more sessions over the next couple of weeks and felt so much better. Coupled with the supplements, I was amazed at hopw much more comfortable I was and how much more energy I had. I wanted to eat better foods and truly could see myself digesting my food again. My wife was so encouraged by the results, that she also came in for a series of treatments. They went very well also, but she had been doing something I had not. She had been using castor oil packs frequently before her treatments, so I followed her lead and started using the packs as well. After the castor oil packs, my results were much more beneficial. I found those treatments easier and much more cleansing. Today, I feel like a completely different person than I did when I came in 6 months ago. I feel like I have control over my body again and have told all of my family and friends about the magic of these treatments.

Brian K.
Omaha, NE